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Conference Highlight: New lidar scanner from Omnitron Sensors addresses critical bottleneck in lidar technology
ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Conference

On Day 2 of the conference, Eric Aguilar, co-founder and CEO of Omnitron Sensors, took to the stage for his presentation, 'Fix the optical subsystem, fix lidar', during the session 'Sensor test, development, fusion, calibration and data'.

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Conference highlight: Adastec provides progress report on autonomous mass transit
ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Conference

Day 2 at the conference included an update from Cemre Kavvasoglu, product management director, North America at Adastec Corp, on the lessons learned from deploying autonomous bus fleets in the US and Europe, with specific advice and insight into how to deal with adverse weather conditions and testing.

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Conference highlight: Zoox discusses the future of radar
ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Conference

The second day of the conference included a thought-provoking presentation from Arvind Srivastav, a software engineer at Zoox, on the use of radars in autonomous vehicles, in which he shared his thoughts on the current landscape and challenges, and the future.

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AVSandbox – sensor realistic simulation environment

Claytex is in California to showcase its AVSandbox product, which is an ADAS and AV simulation environment. According to managing director Mike Dempsey, “AVSandbox provides a sensor realistic simulation environment to immerse the ADAS feature or AV control system into the virtual world so that our customers can test and develop their systems using simulation.”

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Conference Highlight: Panel discussion – Safety validation for highly automated driving
ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Conference

At the end of the conference on Day 1, Foretellix sat down with Bay Area and Silicon Valley technology leaders to discuss the challenges of safety validation of autonomous driving.

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Foretellix addresses the biggest challenge for achieving safe, large-scale commercial autonomous driving

In an interview with ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle International, Gil Amid, VP of marketing at Foretellix, said, “As you heard in the panel discussion yesterday, safety validation is the biggest challenge of autonomous driving today. Why? because autonomous vehicles are super complex and they drive in an unpredictable environment. As a result, AVs need to be tested against millions of different scenarios that could happen in everyday life. That needs to be done effectively and efficiently.”

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3DAI City – AI-generated live maps transforming urban and highway management

Univrses is showcasing 3DAI City, which the company says introduces a new paradigm in urban and highway management. Due to a growing population and ongoing urbanization, there is increasing demand for more efficient monitoring and maintenance of road networks across the globe. Simply by mounting a camera in the windshield of a moving vehicle, the AI software can generate real-time data on features such as road quality, traffic density, incorrectly parked vehicles and the condition of road assets.

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Collaboration by standardization

In an interview during the show, Benjamin Engel, CTO at ASAM, said, "We are setting standards for AD and ADAS. Our focus is to promote collaboration within the automotive industry. We think standardization is essential for enabling the development of safe, autonomous driving. High levels of automated driving would not be possible without standards. No company can do it alone.”

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Join us for the West Coast’s essential expo
and conference for ADAS/AV specialists
Santa Clara Convention Center, September 20 & 21

It’s the leading expo and conference for every aspect of ADAS and autonomous vehicle testing, development and validation technologies, taking place every year in California and Europe.

At the free-to-attend exhibition, visitors can see, source, trial and test next-generation technologies and solutions from specialist suppliers at the forefront of ADAS and autonomous vehicle development, from the big players to the startups.

The end-to-end ADAS/AV ecosystem will be on display to help accelerate your test and validation programs, whether that’s developing new vehicles, robotaxis, off-highway vehicles, last-mile delivery, autonomous trucks, social mobility, microbility or autonomous shuttles. See simulation and software, testing tools, AI, sensors and sensor fusion, data acquisition and management, vehicle positioning and localization, V2X and 5G communications among others to enable and accelerate end-to-end autonomous and ADAS applications.

Plus, the two-day conference brings together world-leading experts in the fields of autonomous vehicle research, AI, software, sensor fusion, AV testing, validation, development, standards and safety. Hear best practices and strategies from international OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, research and development centers and innovative transportation startups concerning the development and testing of safe autonomous driving and ADAS technologies.

Join us in Silicon Valley this September to help enable the future of mobility.


Read the showguide to see the complete listings for 80+ exhibitors, 70+ speakers, the conference program, show layout, useful information and more. Click here to view the showguide in magazine format online.


Bringing together world-leading experts in the fields of autonomous vehicle research, AI, software, sensor fusion, AV testing, validation, development, standards and safety.

The 2023 ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo Conference will be held in Santa Clara, California, alongside the expo, on September 20 & 21. Hear from over 70+ expert speakers discussing the key topics concerning the development and testing of safe autonomous driving and ADAS technologies, including software, AI and deep learning, sensor fusion, virtual environments, verification and validation of autonomous systems, testing and development tools and technologies, real-world word testing and deployment, and standards and regulations.

Conference Registration $1,375

View the Conference Program

What to expect

There are two ways you can attend:

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  • ADAS (pedestrian targets, datalogging, GNSS positioning, testing, validation, sensor fusion)
  • Connectivity (data, wireless, 5G networks, in-vehicle)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Legislation
  • AI and sensor fusion(Nvidia, synthetic data, raw data sensor fusion)
  • Simulation (digital twins, sensor performance, synthetic data, environmental test chambers, XIL, VIL, MIL, SIL, HIL)
  • Mapping
  • Positioning (GNSS, sensor calibration)
  • Safety
  • Validation and Testing (MIL, SIL, DIL, VIL, HIL, signal testing, sensors, ADAS, simulation)
  • Sensors (camera, radar, lidar, perception, GPS)
  • V2X (vehicle to everything)
  • Datalogging, acquisition and connectivity (cables and harnesses, video cameras, CPU acceleration cards, sensors)
  • Mobility solutions



Opening times

Wednesday, September 20
10am – 5:30pm *

Thursday, September 21
9am – 3pm

* Drinks reception: 4:30pm - 5:30pm – sponsored by UKi Media & Events


Show opening times

Wednesday, September 20
9am – 4:35pm

Thursday, September 21
8:50am – 3pm

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Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot to launch in select US states

Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will launch a production-ready version of its Drive Pilot automated driving system in the USA before the end of 2023.

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Aurrigo and UPS announce autonomous electric cargo vehicle pilot at East Midlands Airport

UPS and Aurrigo have announced a collaborative project to deploy Auto-Cargo, an autonomous electric vehicle designed to move heavy cargo loads to and from aircraft, at the UPS hub at East Midlands Airport in the UK.

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Nissan-backed EvolvAD autonomous mobility research project launches

It has been 35 years since the Nissan Technical Centre Europe (NTCE) opened in the UK. Initially it was a small outbuilding on the company’s production site in Sunderland, but after moving to a facility in Cranfield the NTCE has expanded to become one of ...

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