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Advanced XIL simulations to accelerate ADAS and AV validation

Opal-RT will show its advanced X-in-the-loop (MIL/SIL/DIL/VIL) simulation technologies that allow engineers to accelerate validation at every stage of their development cycle for fields that use ADAS and AD systems. These include automotive, tractors, trains, eVTOL and robotic systems.

Traditional road and track tests are incredibly costly and take a long time to complete. For over 20 years, Opal-RT’s systems have overcome obstacles that the transportation industry faces when testing AVs, by migrating physical testbeds onto simulation platforms.

In addition, the technology used by Opal-RT is flexible enough to easily connect and integrate each new technology as it is introduced to the vehicle, from data fusion and deep learning to new sensors. For example, it can simulate multiple sensors such as camera, GNSS, lidars and radars to estimate distances, velocities and other data in a 3D environment. It can also combine these different sources of data to make predictions or decisions. It can reduce risks and accelerate time-to-market by simulating deep learning models. This solution helps users improve accuracy when the vehicle is reading and detecting pedestrians, signs and objects.

Opal-RT’s simulation technologies can emulate industry-standard communication protocols such as CAN/CAN FD/CANopen, LIN and automotive Ethernet, and perform the most realistic real-time simulations possible.

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