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Radar scene emulation with sharpened vision
Keysight Technologies

Achieving the next level in vehicle autonomy demands robust algorithms trained to interpret radar reflections detected by automotive radar sensors. Keysight’s first-to-market technology combines hundreds of miniature radar target simulators into a scalable screen that can emulate objects with up to 512-pixel resolution and at distances as close as 1.5m. This breakthrough radar scene emulation (RSE) solution overcomes conventional radar sensor test solutions that have a limited field-of-view (FOV) and cannot simulate objects at distances less than 4m.

Utilizing ‘total scene generation’, the radar scene emulation solution exercises automated drive systems and algorithms by applying time-synchronized inputs to the actual sensors. Its open architecture also closes the loop with existing hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems and 3D modelers. These capabilities create a solution that complements – and fills the gap between – software simulation and on-road testing. As such, it overcomes the limitations of software simulation, which does not test real radar sensor response, while achieving repeatable testing of radar scenes, which cannot be done on the test track.

The RSE allows users to emulate real-world driving scenarios, varying speed, distance and number of targets across a contiguous FOV. With radar sensors and back-end software confidently tested against the complexity of real-world driving scenarios, ADAS and next-generation vehicle autonomy can be achieved sooner, with less risk.

Keysight’s RSE system has already been awarded the Tech.AD Europe Award for Best Project in Testing, Validation & Safety and the American Business Award for Achievement in Product Innovation 2022.

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