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4D solid-state lidar with 360° detection
Ibeo Automotive Systems / Ibeo Automotive USA (Ibeo)

Ibeo has developed a new, industry-wide 4D lidar sensor system. The company claims that the ibeoNEXT's modular design is unique to the lidar market and, depending on the application, offers a selection of 11.2°, 60° or 120° optics (32° optics currently being developed). By using several sensors and combining the data with a perception software package running on the ECU, this sensor offers 360° detection of the entire space around the vehicle, making it an ideal solution for AVs. This means that the ibeoNEXT solid-state lidar can be used in several applications designed for the automotive industry, from traffic jam assistance to autonomous driving. It also offers a range of applications for the industrial sector.

The production site in Brest, France, was set up in collaboration with partner ZF Autocruise. The companies’ combined efforts mean that the sensor is now ready for serial production (70-90%). The ibeoNEXT solid-state lidar sensor has no moving parts and uses a pure semi-conductive solution instead. This absence of mechanical components makes the solid-state sensor more robust and therefore more reliable over a longer period. As a result of its compact design and light weight, it can also be easily integrated into a multitude of vehicle platforms and designs. The sensor generates a 3D point cloud and an intensity image similar to a photo taken by a black-and-white camera – this is what takes the technology into the fourth dimension. The solid-state technology inside the ibeoNEXT solid-state lidar is also impressive due to its wide 250m range and high spatial resolution of 0.05°.

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