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Glass inspection with optical quality testing for ADAS

Representatives from LaVision will share more about the company’s automotive glass characterization system, which combines automotive glass inspection with optical quality testing for ADAS.

The system measures optical distortion of windshields installed on a vehicle, on a laboratory test bench or even in a quality control context. This whole-field imaging technique permits flexible selection of the field of view and accurately measures the optical distortions in millidiopters with high spatial resolution. The diopter map of the driver’s whole viewing zone can be measured or zoomed into on the ADAS camera viewport. The system uses a high-resolution widescreen monitor to display calibration targets. A digital camera images the monitor through the windshield for the measurements. No special alignment is required, permitting fast and easy setup. The camera can be mounted on a robotic arm with autofocus capability for repeatable programmed operation. The same system quantifies the image quality of the ADAS camera performance in terms of the modulation transfer function (MTF) line pair analysis, image contrast and brightness (transmission).

Other image quality indicators can be added to the test sequence. The MTF of the ADAS camera system describes its so-called spatial frequency response and is a fundamental indicator of optical performance. It measures to what extent details from the scene in front of the car are preserved in the camera image. The MTF is measured as a two-dimensional map across the entire camera view.

These image quality tests, as well as diopter measurements, are also possible using an already installed onboard ADAS camera, supporting image transfer to the automotive imaging system. Measurements made in this fashion contain the total effect of the glass and ADAS camera. The image distortion from the windshield is captured at the correct viewing angles and light ray paths, which are different when looking straight through the ADAS windows as with conventional scanning systems.

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