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Advanced GNSS simulator

Orolia’s Skydel GSG-8 advanced GNSS simulator has been developed to deliver the highest standard of GNSS signal testing and sensor simulation performance in an easy-to-use and scalable platform.

This advanced solution offers the best of both worlds, combining the performance expected from a top-grade GNSS simulator with the economy of scale and flexibility of the Skydel user interface and GSG-8 software-defined radio (SDR) hardware architecture. From home offices to research labs, automotive manufacturing to defense, the Skydel GSG-8 solution is ready to meet simulation and testing needs with either a turnkey or bring your own hardware (BYOH) solution. A complete set of in-field upgradeable GNSS signals and advanced features such as hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) are available to meet all simulation requirements.

The Skydel GSG-8 simulator is packed with a rich feature set including 6DOF receiver trajectories, a 1,000Hz simulation iteration rate, low-latency HIL, remote control from user-defined scripts, multi-vehicle simulation, on-the-fly scenario reconfiguration, live sky time synchronization and access to hundreds of satellites in real time (‘all in view’) using off-the-shelf graphics cards (GPU). Advanced jamming and spoofing allow users to simulate multiple threats simultaneously, while Skydel’s API brings an unparalleled level of control over simulation, enabling clients to build complex, elaborate and repeatable scenarios with open-source client libraries for Python, C# and C++.

Visit the company’s booth to see its innovative starter package: GNSS simulation that includes two standard configurations selected for the automotive industry. If customization is required, the team of experienced professionals can help configure a solution.

In addition, Orolia’s Skydel forum connects customers with users across multiple industries and leading research universities. The plug-in GitHub is host to everything needed to tailor Skydel to your requirements.

Orolia’s Skydel GSG-8 solution offers unmatched flexibility and scalability in a well-organized user interface to meet all its customers’ GNSS simulation needs.

Booth: 1030

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