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A unified environment to design, simulate and test autonomous systems using AI and real-world data

Autonomous systems are always-on and always connected and their designs are never complete. Designing modern autonomous systems requires simulating test cases over millions and billions of runs in a fast and seamless way. Can your desktop software keep up? Collimator can.

Collimator is a modeling and simulation platform for engineers to design and test complex, mission-critical systems. Collimator’s development environment seamlessly combines Python with Simulink’s GUI on the cloud, so engineers can design dynamic systems using AI and data from the real world.

Reduce your risk and bring products to market faster by using Collimator to design your systems using a graphical UI or Python notebook; integrate with 3D scenario modeling tools to get a system-level view of performance; use AI tools to generate synthetic data or model autonomous systems; run millions of test cases using HPC before implementing in hardware; call external libraries and models, such as PyTorch and TensorFlow directly within your model; and compare real-world operation with virtual operations in real time, continuously.

Find out more about how Collimator can help unify your model-based development (MBD) with your DevOps at ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in California.

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