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MD Elektronik

The rapid transition to AI self-driving vehicles requires not only hardware such as camera, radar and lidar sensors but also high-performance cables and harnesses. This cable connectivity provides the necessary network communication between the sensors (eyes and ears) to the AI chip core (the brain).

As one of the world’s leading automotive data transmission companies with more than 25 years of experience in high-frequency wire harness solutions, MD Elektronik can provide the correct data cable for any technical requirement.

With automotive Ethernet solutions from 100Mbit/s (IEEE 802.3bw) to more than 10Gbit/s, MD’s portfolio ranges from connectors between ADAS ECUs and sensor types such as radar, lidar or cameras, to cable assemblies and wire harnesses.

As a longtime partner of the semiconductor industry, the company is looking to future applications and their special requirements. Optical connector systems for 1Gbit/s and multi-gigabit are also under development.
According to the company, FAKRA and mini-coax products will also play an important role in ADAS and autonomous driving applications in the future. These connector systems are suitable for 5G, GPS, Bluetooth, FPD-Link and GSML protocols. They provide multiple connections on a small package size and frequency range up to 15GHz.

MD claims FAKRA and mini-coax cable assemblies are the right choice for positioning sensors, multicamera and display applications.

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