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RDMA-based ADAS replay and HIL test

NI will present its unified solution for an ADAS replay and HIL system built in with RDMA technology, to accelerate the validation of ADAS ECUs for software-designed vehicles.

ADAS replay and HIL testing require fast and efficient communication between the server environment and the physical test system hardware. Using RDMA technology, the NI Replay and HIL AD Test System can offer low-latency, high-bandwidth communication, realistic simulation capabilities, scalability, reduced CPU overhead and interoperability.

With a software-connected approach and within the same system, NI’s solution enables processing of data from a repository file with real recorded data from the vehicle for replay tests or dynamically generating it through an environmental simulator from third-party providers. Passing that data through an RDMA ethernet connection to the RT PXI system allows accurate emulation of sensor and bus interfaces, including data formatting, communication protocols and precise transmission timing to the ECU. Data will be dynamically generated in response to ECU interactions and fed back to the test system to process the vehicle response.

By leveraging NI's technology, automotive manufacturers and suppliers can enhance product quality, accelerate time-to-market and be ready to design the next software-defined vehicle.

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