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Dynamic situational awareness to improve traffic monitoring
Carmenta Automotive

At ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in California, Carmenta Automotive will present and demonstrate Carmenta TrafficWatch – powerful, cloud-based software that monitors vehicles in traffic, making use of both dynamic and static data to support constant analyses of the vehicle’s physical environment. It then automatically issues instructions or warnings to avoid situations or events that may compromise safe or efficient driving.

According to Carmenta Automotive, autonomous vehicles are excellent at sensing their surroundings up to half a mile away, but beyond that they are blind. With unpredictable and rapidly changing traffic and road conditions, autonomous vehicles must be aware of all circumstances along their full route, to enable early and safe decision making before and during the journey. Dynamic situational awareness along the whole route will improve predictability, shorten response and planning times, increase efficiency and reduce risk.

Carmenta has been supplying world-class software for mission-critical systems for more than 35 years – systems in which superior situational awareness is the key to success.

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