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Son Tong

Son Tong is a senior research engineer and project manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software. He obtained his Ph.D. degree as a Marie Curie fellow from KU Leuven in control systems. He is currently managing a R&D team of industrial PhDs and research engineers working on control and autonomous driving engineering topics. Son Tong is actively involved in different R&D projects in Siemens and EU-Belgian research schemes, and was awarded Siemens PL Invention of the Year Award and in the finalist of the AutoSens Award 2019 in Most Influential Research. He has delivered invited talks in universities (Oxford, Tokyo, EPFL) and industrial events (Autosens, JSAE), and serves in the Conference Editorial Board of the IEEE Control Systems Society.


Digital twin autonomous vehicle testing

The presentation will discuss a Siemens engineering solution for ADAS and AV testing that combines simulation, testing and algorithms. The testing framework starts with real driving data, where relevant scenarios are extracted using safety and comfort indexes. To validate the development of ADAS technologies, the algorithms will run in a digital twin fashion of physical systems using high-fidelity simulation models of vehicle dynamics, sensors and traffic. The algorithms are tested in shadow mode acting as a realistic vehicle model. Moreover, reconstructed simulation models are used to augment real-life data and generate further testing scenarios. Several ADAS use cases will be demonstrated.