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Falko Diebel

Dr. Falko Diebel works at Ibeo Automotive Systems as Product Architect with his main responsibilities in light detection, signal processing and point cloud generation. Prior this role, he worked as System Architect and Team Leader for Systems Engineering. Before joining Ibeo in 2017, he studied Physics at the University of M√ľnster (Germany). He holds a PhD in Applied Physics (Nonlinear Photonics).


Enriching Point Clouds with Metadata on Solid-State Automotive Lidar

High-resolution lidar point clouds are key for sophisticated perception algorithms that enable next level of driver-assistant system and automated driving. Beyond pure distance information, additional quantities retrieved from the lidar environment measurement facilitates more robust and advanced object detection and identification. Automotive-grade lidar sensors can generate metadata rich point clouds to preserve high measurement performance for the wide spectrum of application conditions in automotive applications. Such solid-state lidar sensors utilize high-resolution all-digital histogram acquisition and on-chip signal processing to generate point clouds with such additional meta information.