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Daniel Tosoki

Dániel has 5+ years of experience in the technology sector. He has worked for aiMotive since 2018, having been involved in different areas of the company. Currently, he is responsible for the Product Management & Operations of aiSim, aiMotive's simulation platform.


Reusable, highly optimized data pipeline for automated driving solutions

You must have heard the concept that ‘data is the new oil’, but raw data isn’t that valuable. The value is created when you can gather it accurately, connect it to other relevant data and exploit it for your use cases – promptly. This is especially true for automated driving. At aiMotive, we are utilizing a multi-sensor model-space network in our aiDrive 3.0 solution that can not only do all that but also create reusable data because the detection is done in a virtual, overhead view space, which can be produced from slightly different camera views than those of the reference camera layout.