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Sunil Khatana

Sunil Khatana is Vice President of Technology development at Velodyne Lidar. In his current role he investigates performance, cost and feasibility of new and existing lidar technologies for various 3D applications. Prior to Velodyne, he has over 20yrs experience in the optical communication industry leading some of the pioneering work in 400G, 100G and 40G coherent and direct detection transponders at Lumentum LLC, Oclaro and Opnext. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunilkhatana/


Economics of enabling technologies for lidar

This presentation will discuss the cost/performance trade-offs of the underlying technologies that enable realization of lidar for automotive and 3D sensing. It will review ranging methods, lasers, detectors and scanning methods used for lidar design and how these map to performance and cost. Partition various device technologies into application space where they are going to be most competitive. It will provide comprehensive coverage of ranging methods - iTOF, dTOF, coherent; lasers - EEL VCSEL, fiber laser; lighting - spots, line scan, flying spots; detectors APD, SiPM, SPAD, CIS and PINs. It will present comparison of strength and weakness of each in terms of cost, range, FOV, range resolution, spatial resolution.