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Global smart mobility test center encompassing government, industry and academic organizations
ACM Willow Run

The American Center for Mobility (ACM) is a collaborative effort comprised of government, industry and academic organizations. ACM is focused on accelerating the mobility industry through research, testing, standards development and educational workforce programming.

Located in Southeast Michigan on over 500 acres at the historic Willow Run site, the ACM offers a global smart mobility test center that provides a safe platform for the integration and testing of emerging vehicle and mobility technologies, environments for showcasing vehicle technologies and convening industry activities and an innovation technology campus for the co-location of mobility companies.

A modular hydrogen production system is being planned for the ACM as the vehicle test track looks to adapt its vision to the needs of its customers and the market. Reuben Sarkar, ACM president and CEO, said, “ACM is also looking to better capitalize on the industry's accelerated transition to EVs by offering more electrification testing services”.

The hydrogen production system marks BayoTech's entrance into the market and is the first hydrogen project of its kind in Michigan. The fuel technology is often overshadowed by electrification but is quietly gaining steam in the heavy transportation sector.

For more information, speak to ACM representatives in the Autonomous Vehicle Technologies Zone.

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