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Day Two: Sustainability initiatives and infrastructure upgrades at Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds
Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds

Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds has come to Novi to reveal that it has completed several infrastructure and sustainability initiatives that will enable customers to test a wide range of vehicles at any time of the year.

Recently completed projects include the installation of multiple Level 3 DC fast chargers, an upgraded fire system allowing indoor electric vehicle storage for optimal confidentiality and a completely renovated main pumphouse that has achieved a 75% water usage reduction. The facility has also repainted lines around the majority of the main tracks, improving conditions for autonomous testing.

A wide range of services is offered, including turnkey testing, track rentals, driver training and corporate and team events that extend to beyond the automotive sector. Tracks available for use range from dry tracks to wet tracks and include offroad surfaces. The facility’s diverse capabilities ensure a solution for almost any customer, with staff on hand to offer flexible and prompt support of any needs that may arise throughout the entire visit experience.

“Michelin Laurens Proving Grounds is proud to share that its recent main water pumphouse renovation has culminated in a water usage saving of 75%,” revealed Michelle Philipps, coordinator of engineering and services, live at the expo. “This pumphouse provides water to our wet skid pad and braking areas. With this improvement project, along with the additions of multiple Level 3 DC fast chargers and LED lighting around the facility, our customers should have peace of mind that testing at our facility can be considered a ‘green’ way to complete their testing projects.”

According to Philipps, Automotive Testing Expo offers an ideal avenue for proving grounds to communicate their improvements as it touches the vast majority of OEs and OEMs that comprise the majority of customers.

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