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Lidar integration

The latest improvements to lidar hardware and software will be showcased on XenomatiX’s booth. The company’s existing XenoLidar Highway is joined by a smaller ‘Intercity’ model, a mid-range lidar with a horizontal field of view of 60° and a range of 50m. Suitable for robotaxis and autonomous shuttles, it emits over 15,000 laser beams simultaneously, for high-quality, high-resolution point clouds. The Highway model has a range of 200m and a field of view of 30° x 10°.

XenomatiX’s technology revolves around three key fundamentals. First, the simultaneous use of thousands of low-power laser beams, combined with a high frame rate, allows the sensors to pick up every detail of potential road obstacles. Second, the company’s solid-state chip-based lidar products are based on mature technology, making them scalable and future-proof. This also makes them reliable and affordable, with high performance and efficient energy usage. Finally, the XenoWare software captures superior-density 3D point clouds and 2D images, resulting in rich data about the object’s position, movement and distance from the vehicle.

Booth: AV206

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