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Day One: ACM reveals more about Michigan's first modular hydrogen production system
American Center of Mobility

On Day 1 in the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Zone, the American Center of Mobility is sharing its capabilities and development plans for testing and validating CAV transportation systems.

“Today, with its large-scale configurable road infrastructure, state-of-the-art connectivity, data management and R&D support, American Center for Mobility is the premier center for testing and validation of CAV transportation systems,” said Sushanta Das, ACM technical director, live at the show. “We have taken a big step ahead toward EV fast charging, AV testing, cybersecurity and hydrogen fuel cell to meet our clients’ needs for tomorrow.”

As ACM looks to adapt its vision to the needs of its customers, a modular hydrogen production system is being planned. “The modular hydrogen production system will initially produce 1-2 tons per day and can be delivered by BayoTech to customers within a 100- to 200-mile radius," revealed Reuben Sarkar, ACM president & CEO.

He continued, "Hydrogen fuel cells have an electrified powertrain. They are essentially fuel cell electric vehicles with the electrons coming from H2 instead of the grid. Hydrogen can also be used in advanced combustion engines and can help decarbonize certain segments of transportation such as medium- or heavy-duty vehicles that are harder to convert to battery electric alone. Hydrogen is a fast fill technology with refueling rates more comparable to gas or diesel, and you don’t have to carry a large battery for longer ranges. Trucking is a main focus today and it could be used to decarbonize port vehicles as well as rail and marine in the future.”

Kevin Kelly, director of sales, added, “ACM collaborates with key partners, and for this year's show VSI Labs and ACM decided to exhibit together due to our existing testing relationship, which has been going on over the past few years. ACM & VSI Labs are always looking to gain additional partners and collaborators, and Automotive Testing Expo is the perfect stage to research and extend our mutual innovations with other potential technology-advanced companies.”

ACM is also using Automotive Testing Expo to share that earlier this month, on October 13, Delta demonstrated a 400kW Solid State Transformer-based Extreme Fast EV Charger to its partners, GM, DTE Energy, NextEnergy, Virginia Tech's CPES, American Center for Mobility and US DOE.

Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd or ‘Delta Americas’, subsidiary of Delta Electronics, Inc (‘Delta’), a global leader in power and thermal management technologies and provider of smart energy-saving solutions, demonstrated a next-generation SiC MOSFET solid state transformer (SST)-based 400kW extreme fast EV charger to its US DOE grant program partners General Motors (GM), DTE Energy, NextEnergy, Virginia Tech's Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES), and the American Center for Mobility. At the event, key representatives from all program partners, shared their vision on how Delta's extreme fast EV charging solution, which facilitates industry-leading charging current up to 500 Amps, is expected to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility across North America. The demonstration event featured GM's all-electric supertruck, the GMC HUMMER EV.

Sarkar added, “ACM is also looking to better capitalize on the industry's accelerated transition to EVs by offering more electrification testing services.”

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