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Path planning software
Aimsun - Booth: AV335

Aimsun Auto is a new software platform for large-scale design and validation of path planning algorithms for self-driving vehicles. The new software was presented for the first time at the European edition of the expo.

The software allows test engineers to synthetically generate, execute, and analyze tens of thousands of scenarios, to test the path planning of automated driving algorithms in a safe, repeatable virtual environment.

With Aimsun’s Auto suite, erratic but plausible scenarios can be introduced to simulations in an efficient way. It then introduces the required sophistication and automation to detect rogue events and bring them to the attention of the developer once the simulations have finished.

Aimsun Auto offers seamless integration with 3D sensor simulation tools, such as Simcenter PreScan, and 3D visualization engines like Unity and Unreal Engine. To speed up the process, it also allows for automatic creation of wide-area simulation models from imported high-definition maps. Alternatively, it can also work with proprietary HD maps.

Booth: AV335

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