Some of the new products on show

Multi-sensor labeling platform with seamless, calibrated sequencing

Kognic is providing hands-on demonstrations of its comprehensive platform for managing data sets used to enable perception systems. According to Przemek Sienkiewicz, the company’s chief revenue officer, the platform is “notably powering proven ADAS/AD products for our T1/T2 customers and OEM partners”.

He continued, “One of our many unique features within the platform is the ability to merge multi-sensor output (camera, radar, lidar, temperature, et al) into seamless and calibrated sequencing for faster annotation, with greater accuracy and the ability to iteratively fine-tune the data set.”

Przemek explained that the platform accelerates engineering; maximizes the performance of deployed models (“are we hitting our performance KPIs?”); and enables more efficient use of time and resources (“shaping data with global workforces has become too expensive and complex, so let's fix that”).

“Our software tooling allows ADAS/AD product developers to find the best leverage for human feedback on their data set,” he said. “What is throwing off performance? What object? What sequence? We can guide them to focus on what matters most for model impact.

Explaining why Kognic chose to exhibit at ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo California, Przemek stated, "We're proud of our heritage and leading position in the ADAS/AD ecosystem, and some of our T1/T2 and OEM partners have ‘homes’ in California. For this week in Santa Clara, we're also excited to announce that we're building a team here in California to help our customers do more, more quickly."

Find out more by stopping by Booth 511.

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