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Critical scenario creation

The SOTIF standard requires suppliers to reduce the number of unknown-unsafe scenarios by applying sufficient exploration and testing. The challenge is to have an objective, robust and scalable process to generate as many of these scenarios as possible.

In response, Siemens has developed the Critical Scenario Creation proprietary methodology, which systematically and automatically generates scenarios for a specific scene and recorded data. Critical Scenario Creation gives an objective indication of the severity of the risk, combining a KPI for criticality with a proprietary KPI for novelty. This normalized severity value essentially provides an objective indication of exactly how unsafe and unknown a scenario is.

“Siemens is currently the only company to provide a patented solution that is a methodological approach to identify scenarios that haven’t been recorded,” explains Tom Witsenboer, a solution consultant at Siemens. “It deviates from common practice where the behavior of actors in a known-safe scenario is changed to create a known-unsafe scenario (an actor-focused approach), by focusing on the scene and all possible routes of all possible actors in time. The unique approach allows for discovering unknown-unsafe scenarios more easily and thus at lower costs. Visitors can also see our leading sensor validation solution, Simcenter Prescan, which features industry-best physics-based sensors.”

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