Some of the new products on show

SBG Systems’ PTP for synchronized sensors
SBG Systems

SBG Systems is exhibiting its Ellipse series, Ekinox Micro and Qinertia PPK software for mapping at the expo.

Laurent Le Thuaut, the company’s business development manager, said, “The new Ekinox Micro features PTP-based time synchronization over Ethernet. This provides a standard and efficient system for time synchronization in a multi-sensor framework for autonomous localization and navigation. Ekinox Micro integrates and replaces an essential component in this type of architecture, which is often a separate element: the PTP Master Clock. By eliminating this peripheral component, Ekinox Micro offers an economical advantage while maintaining the technical benefit for autonomous vehicle designers.

“Ekinox Micro tactical-grade IMU also helps minimize errors during challenging or denied GNSS conditions, maintaining safe navigation for several minutes after loss of a signal. Its built-in jamming and spoofing mitigation functions alert about any inconsistencies in the received signal.”

Laurent continued, “Last but not least, a choice of dedicated motion profiles (automotive, trucks, etc) permits optimized navigation performance in all ADAS/AV engineering and testing situations.

“In a nutshell, the Ellipse Series is well suited to ADAS, while Ekinox Micro's extended capabilities make it more suitable for autonomous vehicles.”

Speak to company representatives at Booth 705.

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