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3D perception stereo vision system
Foresight Automotive

Current ADAS use mono camera-based solutions. Vehicle manufacturers want to improve the performance of existing systems while keeping the existing hardware to avoid integration complexities and design changes that can affect production timelines.

At ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in California, Foresight will showcase its Mono2Stereo solution that enhances existing vision sensor systems by using proprietary software-based algorithms to create a 3D-perception stereo vision system. This solution can amplify the performance of existing ADAS sensors, resulting in better distance accuracy and more robust active safety features.

Its unique capabilities include an additional safety layer, enhancing the detection and perception capabilities of existing mono-camera systems and all-objects detection. It is a software-based solution that creates 3D perception. It is also low-cost.

In addition to Mono2Stereo, Foresight will show its ScaleCam separated stereo cameras solution that enables large baselines, resulting in greater distance accuracy at long ranges.

Stereoscopic vision systems need continuous calibration to ensure distance accuracy. Mounting stereo cameras on a fixed beam compensates for decalibrations caused by vibrations but may limit camera placement positions and result in installation-related technical complications.

Foresight’s auto-calibration solution allows stereo cameras, both visible-light and thermal infrared, to be placed independently apart, without being limited by stringent mechanical constraints. This solution compensates for decalibrations caused by vibrations and temperature changes.

ScaleCam’s capabilities include 3D perception, higher distance accuracy at long ranges, simple installation, vehicle design via flexible camera placement, and low cost.

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