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4D lidar with camera-level ultra resolution

At the upcoming ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in California, Aeva will demonstrate its recently announced Aeries II, the world’s first 4D lidar sensor with camera-level ultra resolution.

This revolutionary technology leverages the company’s Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) 4D technology and the world’s first lidar-on-a-chip silicon photonics design. Aeries II exceeds the capabilities of legacy time-of-flight lidar sensors to provide instant velocity detection for each point, at distances up to 500m. The sensor is built for reliability, with automotive-grade ratings for ingress, impact, temperature, and shock and vibration to ensure optimal performance across a wide variety of vehicle applications including ADAS and Level 3 and 4 autonomy.

Aeries II provides ultra-long-range object detection and tracking, 4D localization and freedom from interference. Aeva’s FMCW technology resists interference from sunlight and other lidar sensors, including Aeva sensors, ensuring peak performance across a wider set of environmental conditions and when used near other lidar-equipped vehicles. It can detect, classify and track dynamic objects of concern, such as oncoming vehicles, pedestrians and animals, at greater distances than today’s time-of-flight legacy lidar. In addition to providing superior hazard detection, Aeries II delivers lane and road boundary perception. Aeva’s proprietary 4D perception software provides ultra resolution, a real-time camera-level image with resolution that is up to 20 times greater than that of legacy lidar. The per-point instant velocity data enables 4D localization features such as real-time ego vehicle motion estimation with six degrees of freedom, and accurate vehicle positioning and navigation in GPS-denied and featureless environments, without additional sensors such as IMU or GPS.

Aeries II is 75% smaller than its predecessor, Aeries I, enabling a wide range of sensor integration points in automotive and non-automotive applications. It is completely configurable.

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