Some of the new products on show

Automotive dynamic motion analyzer

Genesys will present three new features for its automotive dynamic motion analyzer (ADMA), focused on ease of use and increased productivity via instant, hardware-free activation and options via a license key. ADMA, designed for automotive vehicle testing, features a highly precise inertial measurement unit (IMU) with DGNSS (differential global navigation satellite system) for 3D acceleration, speed, position, pitch, roll, course and side-slip measurements.

The first new feature is Add-On DELTA, which provides relative data calculation for up to five vehicles. It enables the direct output of relative data (distances, velocities, angles) between up to five vehicles. Data is provided in real time with minimum latency. This option is widely used for ADAS tests, especially AEB, FCW and ACC by providing a precise distance reference and distance control for robot systems.

The second new feature is Add-On LATDEV. It provides real-time calculation of lateral deviation and is used to test and validate lane departure warning systems (LDW/LSS). It calculates the distance to two predefined straight lines, a fixed object, the angle to the straight lines, and the lateral speed and acceleration in real time, related to three user-defined POIs (points of interest).

Add-On PTP, the third new feature, provides time synchronization. The ‘precision time protocol’ synchronizes the measurement data, which is based on the GPS time, and all ADMAs can be synchronized with each other online and offline.

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