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Foretellix addresses the biggest challenge for achieving safe, large-scale commercial autonomous driving

In an interview with ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle International, Gil Amid, VP of marketing at Foretellix, said, “As you heard in the panel discussion yesterday, safety validation is the biggest challenge of autonomous driving today. Why? because autonomous vehicles are super complex and they drive in an unpredictable environment. As a result, AVs need to be tested against millions of different scenarios that could happen in everyday life. That needs to be done effectively and efficiently.”

Foretellix’s solution, Foretify, is a safety-driven verification and validation platform that can automatically generate a large number of test scenarios, all of which are valid and interesting, and run all scenarios through any simulator. Then the millions of test results can be analyzed by the Foretify platform to give a bird's eye view of how well the AV tested and how well it performed, and identify failures and accelerate debug and fix. The Foretify tools enable highly efficient verification and bug fix cycles until the required level of test coverage and safety is achieved.

Amid continued, “The diagram on our booth shows the flow: how to generate one million scenarios without much time and labor?”

To solve this challenge, Foretellix has invented a computer language and contributed it to ASAM’s OpenScenario 2.0 language that allows users to describe driving scenarios in an abstract way. The Foretify platform compiles the scenarios language and automatically generates as many variations as needed to ensure proper test coverage, performance and safety.

Amid explained, “For example, on ‘cut-in’ scenarios, you may want to test all the speeds from 30-80km/h, test from left or right, weather conditions, different vehicle types, colors, road conditions and more. Foretify will automatically generate test variations to make sure all test space is well covered.”

Foretellix also participated in a safety V&V panel at the sister expo in Stuttgart. “Silicon Valley has a concentration of autonomous driving companies for advanced Levels 2, 3 and 4; there are many customers here in the Bay Area,” said Gill. “It is natural that we are exhibiting here, for current and future customers.”

Speak to the company at Booth 315.

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