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Time-synchronized datalogger
Methodica Technologies

The Peekaboo (P-Series) datalogger is Methodica Technologies’ in-built one-stop solution for developing and testing ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Peekaboo can log the resources and network components of self-driving vehicles, including camera, CAN, automotive ethernet, FlexRay, lidar and radar used for ADAS and autonomous vehicles, both for measurement and the hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system.

Methodica says Peekaboo can be customized per Tier1/OEM specifications, especially SerDes (FPD-Link/GMSL) and vehicle sensor interface (GPS/IMU/lidar). All signals are time synchronized through an FPGA/SoC/GPU platform processor and stored as specified storage, using a streaming-based file library ADTF (automotive data and time-triggered framework).

Compared with other products on the market, Methodica claims that Peekaboo is cost-effective due to its ability to complete logging and reprocessing in a single system. It can capture multiple vehicle signals in frames, including camera and CAN, which are then stored in an ADTF file format with high-precision accuracy and timestamp for time synchronization. Simultaneously, the same system can loop through all data, retransmitting and replaying from stored ADTF files.

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