Some of the new products on show

Sensor fusion for dynamic road weather information

Klimator is showing visitors is its AHEAD onboard sensor fusion solution. “Our cloud-based solution provides warnings about adverse driving conditions (incidents), dynamic hazard warnings and road weather information,” said Viktoria Bogren, head of the company’s automotive business area. “Its onboard sensor fusion technology enables hyper-local road weather, which provides full information about the lane and ahead of the vehicle.

“The solution offers precise and proactive information. It provides not only information about the road condition below the vehicle or what is happening in the wheel tracks but also what is happening up to 50m ahead of the vehicle and for the entire lane. As a result of the hyper-local road weather model, the solution is unique on the market and especially usable for an autonomous vehicle to define its ODD boundaries and extend the ODD to non-optimal road surfaces by including the information in the motion planning platform.”

When asked how critical road weather intelligence is in the development of AVs/ADAS and connecting the vehicle to the surrounding environment, she said, “It is imperative. If we want safe systems and the possibility to use AVs that work all year round, road weather intelligence is critical. It is also extremely important in the case of providing proactive information to the driver, making them aware of upcoming hazards independently of the number of vehicles driving on the road. With road weather intelligence, we solve the problem of someone needing to be the first to detect the hazard; this is an important step in bridging the gap between nature and innovation.”

Klimator is also showing the advantages of its Road Condition Data (RCD) offboard data platform. “By being able to provide information about what is happening on any road at any time, the offboard system enables information to the receiver independently of the number of vehicles that have been driving at that specific location,” explained Bogren. “This creates a reliable system with the ability to present dynamic road weather information now and forecast its duration. The system is easy to integrate because data is fetched through an API, making it possible to use the platform as a standalone product or to integrate the output in existing functions to enable higher quality.”

Meet Klimator at Booth 605C.

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