Some of the new products on show

LaunchPad Spin VRU platform
AB Dynamics

AB Dynamics will showcase a new vulnerable road user (VRU) target platform, the LaunchPad Spin. This latest innovation is highly maneuverable, allowing it to replicate challenging urban test scenarios with dynamic movements to cover increasingly complex and realistic scenarios.

The LaunchPad Spin features torque vectoring driven wheels and a precision-steered front wheel that can continuously rotate through 360°. This combination gives it the ability to accurately represent sudden changes in direction that are challenging for a driver or AEB system to react to, for example, a pedestrian walking back across the road or a child slaloming between parked cars. By replicating the behavior of pedestrians, it expands the testing envelope to cover increasingly complex, dynamic and realistic scenarios.

The platform is compatible with the DRI Soft Pedestrian 360 and can travel at up to 30km/h and accelerate at 3m/s², providing the flexibility to carry a range of VRU targets, such as pedestrians, cyclists, e-scooters and animals.

The LaunchPad Spin is the latest addition to AB Dynamics’ platform range, and includes the LaunchPad 50 and 60 for medium-speed testing and the LaunchPad 80, the highest-speed platform, designed for motorcycle scenarios.

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