Some of the new products on show

3DAI City – AI-generated live maps transforming urban and highway management

Univrses is showcasing 3DAI City, which the company says introduces a new paradigm in urban and highway management.

Due to a growing population and ongoing urbanization, there is increasing demand for more efficient monitoring and maintenance of road networks across the globe. Simply by mounting a camera in the windshield of a moving vehicle, the AI software can generate real-time data on features such as road quality, traffic density, incorrectly parked vehicles and the condition of road assets. The gathered data is accessed through a scalable 3DAI City live map that enables businesses, municipalities and authorities to optimize their operations and take immediate action to save time, money and lives. 3DAI City is addressing the need for actionable insights in urban environments and highways to improve the cities of today and tomorrow. The solution is currently being deployed in a growing number of cities around the world.

"We are super excited to take part in the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo California with Business Sweden,” stated Jonathan Selbie, CEO at Univrses, during the show. “The company’s 3DAI City system is going to play a significant role in this arena. The system is designed to leverage the data collected by the advanced computer vision and AI perception systems on these vehicles to generate insights for cities and road transport authorities. We could not be happier to be part of the Swedish delegation – if you are attending, drop a line to Alfred to arrange a meeting."

Find out how the company can help increase urban and highway management efficiency by visiting Booth 703B before the show closes at 3pm today.

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