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Rahul Razdan

Dr. Rahul Razdan is a seasoned scientist and business executive with significant roles in the world of academia, startups, and fortune 500 companies. In corporate roles, he was the Sr VP of Strategy for Flextronics (FLEX), GM of the System and Functional Verification Business at Cadence Design Systems (CDNS), and Alpha CPU architect at DEC. He has successfully built successful startups in areas such wireless power, machine learning, and low-power electronics design. In the field of ADAS/AI, he runs the Advanced Mobility Institute at Florida Polytechnic University, has standing columns as subject matter expert with SAE Edge and Forbes.


AI components: Technology, Validation, Liability, and Solutions for ADAS/AI

AI components are a powerful new capability which is the center of ADAS and AV solutions. However, AI components present significant challenges in the domain of validation and verification. Without a clear methodology to handle AI components, ADAS/AV solutions introduce significant legal liability to product developers. This presentation will present the history of AI components, the V&V challenges, the impact on ADAS/AV legal liability, and structural pathways towards successful integration. Without a comprehensive approach to AI components, the ultimate value for functionality such as ADAS is limited, but with reasonable solutions, the value perceived by customers rises rapidly.