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Stuart Mitchell

Dr Stuart Mitchell received his DPhil from the University of York in 1994 for a thesis on Concurrency in Object-Oriented Languages. After working on a variety of research projects, Stuart joined ETAS in 1998 where he developed the prototype for what became the AUTOSAR Run-Time Environment (RTE). Since then, he has contributed to the AUTOSAR standard, primarily on architecture related topics and was also responsible for the development of the first version of the ETAS AUTOSAR run-time environment product and was project manager for the ETAS AUTOSAR Operating System. Stuart is currently responsible for AD/ADAS middleware within ETAS North America.


Integrating General Purpose and AD/ADAS-Specific Middleware

AUTOSAR Adaptive has a proven record as middleware for HPC nodes within next generation E/E architectures. AUTOSAR provides a range of services supporting development including diagnostics, communication, scheduling and security. However, as a general-purpose middleware it lacks features considered necessary for AD/ADAS development including reproducible behavior (for validation through simulation), a high-performance data transport layer (to support AD/ADAS bandwidth needs) and highest levels of safety (ASIL-D). In this presentation we briefly review the capabilities of AUTOSAR Adaptive and then consider how general-purpose and AD/ADAS-specific middlewares can be integrated to combine the best of both when building an autonomous driving solution.