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Robert Day

Based in San Jose, California, Robert Day is responsible for the relationships with Arm automotive partners especially around the definition of Arm based solutions for the next generation of autonomous vehicle applications. Robert is dedicated to understanding the requirements for future autonomous innovation, and helping put together solutions to meet those requirements. By immersing himself in the autonomous vehicle world, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge around the technology, issues and potential solutions that will make autonomy a reality. His passion for the safe deployment of autonomous vehicles has made him a popular speaker at automotive conferences worldwide


Developing new ADAS and Autonomous Systems in the cloud

This presentation will look at some of the new development and deployment methodologies that can be used to develop new ADAS and AD functions. The SOAFEE initiative is taking cloud-native standards, tools and technologies and applying them to the devleopment of software defined functions in the car. This allows for both early development in the cloud and then continous integration/ continous delivery (CI/CD) to the vehicle. We will cover some of the key technologies and methodologies in the SOAFEE architecture an show an example of how they can be applied to an autonomous software stack.