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Fang-Chieh Jerry Chou

Fang-Chieh Jerry Chou is currently a researcher at Alliance Innovation Lab in Silicon Valley, specializing in the development of innovative solutions for future mobility of connected and automated vehicles. With a focus on V2X applications, Jerry has published several academic articles in this field, and has extensive experience in both simulation and field experiments, such as intelligent intersection system, cooperative adaptive cruise control system, and automated highway merging system.


Cooperative Congestion Management

Traffic congestion is a major issue in many urban areas, resulting in increased travel times, air pollution, and economic costs. Congestion management is critical to improving traffic flow, but traditional approaches based on central control and infrastructure investments have limitations. Cooperative congestion management control is a promising new approach that optimizes traffic flow by coordinating driving speeds of connected and automated vehicles. Using a recurrent bottleneck on I-680 as a case study, this presentation will explore the key concepts, benefits, and challenges of the system.