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Benjamin Engel

Benjamin has a strong background in simulation, particularly for application to automotive safety and homologation. He and a colleague coordinate ASAM's standardization activities in the simulation domain, managing the openSCENARIO and OSI projects as well as the coordination group at ASAM responsible for interfacing with other research and standardization bodies.


Open Standards: Making sure they actually work

Open standards make it easy to exchange data between tools and stakeholders. At least that is the goal, but the reality is often different. As adoption of ASAM OpenX standards in the industry grows, we observe that there are often differences in interpretation or implementation of the standards. This often means that it is difficult to determine whether a specific tool or file actually conforms to a standard. Standards need to be supported by test suites, checker tooling and more to really enable consistent understanding of the standards. This talk will give some insight into the latest developments at ASAM on the journey to deliver more than 'just' standards.