Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo, Novi, Michigan 2022

October 25, 26, 27, 2022

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About The Event

Discover brand-new autonomous technologies and testing partners!

Are you in search of leading-edge innovators that potentially hold the building blocks of autonomous vehicle architecture or are you looking for test systems and testing protocols for autonomous vehicle testing and validation? If you answer yes to one or both questions, then step this way into the world of Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo, Novi, Michigan 2022.

With exhibitors showcasing test and next-generation enabling technologies specifically for your autonomous programs, you will enjoy the added benefit of being able to network with delegates attending the adjoining conferences, which cover potential ADAS and AV legal issues and liabilities, as well as the latest AV testing protocols and procedures – all critical aspects towards the next stage of semi- and fully autonomous vehicle implementation.

Product Areas

What will you see and hear about at the exhibition?

  • ADAS technologies
  • Level 2 and 3 solutions ready to buy
  • Sensors and software
  • Radar
  • Development, testing and validation services and technologies
  • Mapping/navigational technologies
  • Next-generation wireless communications
  • Engineering partners and experts
  • Autonomous vehicle infrastructure solutions and technologies
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle recognition systems
  • Investment and partner-seeking opportunities
  • Driverless vehicle components and technologies
  • Vehicle-to-roadside communication technologies
  • Autonomous vehicle driving/instructional software
  • Complete vehicle concepts and pioneering ideas

PLUS! See in-line and end-of-line testing technologies!

Show Layout

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Breaking News

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Toyota groups all ADAS and driving safety functions under T-Mate brand

Toyota has decided to group all its safety and ADAS products under a new umbrella name, T-Mate. The branding covers a range of systems designed to improve safety in many driving situations, from precise parking to driving on urban streets and highways. It encompasses ...

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Alps Alpine’s 60Ghz pulsed mm-wave radar certified in Japan

Japan-based Alps Alpine says it has acquired construction design certification for a 60GHz pulsed millimeter-wave sensor, in compliance with Japan’s radio law. The certification complies with amendments to the Japanese Radio Act permitting the use of 60GHz pulsed millimeter-wave sensors and is the first ...

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Baidu Apollo authorized for commercial operations in Beijing

Baidu has received approval for commercial operation of its autonomous car service in Beijing, as its Apollo Go service, known as Luobo Kuaipao in China, has been authorized to provide paid service in China’s first-ever demonstration zone for commercial autonomous driving.

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